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What is Climate Techies?

We’re building the ultimate climate collaborative ecosystem – because we’re running out of time and connecting ALL stakeholders as quickly as possible CRITICAL to acceleration climate action.

Whether your a climate startup or investor focused on gamechanging solutions, a corporate or SME interested in decarbonization, a government or ecosystem player promoting sustainable local development, a researcher looking to commercial your tech or interested in shifting your career towards climate & sustainability, you’ve come to the right place…

Join our global movement and connect with 1000s of high-level, motivated Climate Techies across 64+ countries looking to help you, collaborate, advance their careers and climate missions and move the world forward together!

Exclusive Member Perks

Networking Events

15+ online and in-person events/mo

Meet Top Investors

1000+ Climate VC & Accelerator database

Community Groups

Exclusive Slack & Whatsapp channels: 4k+

Scout Climate Solutions

Access 420+ Climate Solutions database

21+ Local Meetups

21+ meetups: NYC, LA, SF, London, Paris...

Newsletter Shoutouts

Random member promos to our 14k subs

Member Support

1000s of collaborative Climate Techies

Setup Partnerships

Access 500+ top corporate database

Global Exposure

List your fund or startup in our databases

≤$227k in Free Credits

AWS, Azure, Segment, Hubspot, Apollo etc...

Mentor Office Hours

Monthly help and support for members

Targeted Intros

Strategic intros to our global community

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Additional Network Perks

Worth up to $230k+ in free services and credits

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$25k in credits

Segment for Startups

$50k in credits

Notion for Startups

6 months free

Hubspot for Startups

Free Program Access

Intercom for Startups

95% OFF 1st year

Microsoft for Startups

≤ $150k Azure credits

Apollo for Startups

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Zendesk Suite & CRM

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MongoDB for Startups

$500 MongoDB Atlas credits

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Solidworks for Startups

3 years free access Bootcamp

20% OFF Climate Tech Bootcamp

AuthO/Okta for Startups

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Freshbooks for Startup

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Sample of Our Amazing Members!

A global climate community spanning 64+ countries!

What Climate Folks Have to Say

Matt and his connections within Climate Tech(ies) have been super helpful over the past few months. He helped us tremendously in closing our first financing round!
Rene Haas, CEO of Neocarbon
Of all the people I have worked with so far, Matt’s been the most active and helpful in terms of introductions. He has made tons of great intros to relevant potential investors and collaborators, and I am extremely happy.
Yehuda Borenstein, CEO of Climate Crop
4WARD.VC has been instrumental from day one in helping us connect to great investors, prospective clients and strategic partners. Can't recommend them/Matt enough - their network & hustle is incredibly valuable.
Dror Sofer, CEO of EExion
As someone new to the industry it has been nice to have someplace to plug into that immediately gave me exposure to many like-minded people with expertise across the industry doing work on technologies, companies, research. Matt has made connections and offered suggestion and resources, and the WhatsApp and Slack channels have been good for sharing information, job postings, product and other initiatives. It’s like a mini, perpetual climate conference in my pocket.
Matt Trudeau, CEO of Nori
Whenever I meet someone who is a leader in an organization that has to do with planet-friendly technology, I connect them with 4WARD.VC because I believe in coordinating efforts and I trust Matt to lead us.
Dave Hertig, CEO of Boom Company
Having so many talented startups clustered here has been brilliant. I’ve met some amazing startups that I might not have otherwise met, and connected them with some of our corporate partners as well.
Hendrik Dik, Climate Lead of MassChallenge Switzerland
4WARD.VC is an excellent resource to keep up to date on developments in Climate Tech. They have built an amazing ecosystem of Entrepreneurs, Investors and enablers. They are always up to date with new and interesting information.
Solange Silva, ex Climate VC at Blue Horizon Ventures
4WARD is doing an outstanding job in fostering the development of the sustainable revolution.
Roberto Bortoletti, VC at UnaTerra
4WARD.VC has been our super connector in more ways than one. I'm excited for our growing partnership with 4ward's team to scale the business, create value for our investors and accelerate the positive climate impact we're creating.
Greg Laptevsky, CEO of Myro
Matt, I would like to thank you very much for what to do. When you said that the acceleration program will provided me with a lot of value, I couldn't believe it. But after yesterday I am sure it will be. I already have 5-6 meetings booked. I just finished a meeting with ABinBev and they invite us to an acceleration program with a budget of $100K
Pawel Ciesielski, CEO of Maas Loop
4WARD has a really comprehensive suite of services to help founders like myself. Other communities I've joined don't provide support in so many different areas.
Jacquelin Buxton, Co-Founder of Tres Cool
4ward is providing a unique community that brings together investors, entrepreneurs, and key resources for the community that is making it easier to find and grow the climate tech sector.
Logan Grizel, VC at MUUS
As far as I have been able to find, there is no other organization that is pulling together in an open community all the stakeholders for advancement of climate tech to solve the very critical problems we have in the world today
Karen Rands, Kugarand Capital Holdings
Best organized climate solution aggregator on the planet
Marc Diamond, CEO of Ecoco
These guys add so much value to people in the climate tech space!
Angelo Anthony

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Membership to Climate Techies costs $100/yr or $10/mo for Members joining in 2023.

New member fees will increase to $120/yr or $12/mo starting in 2024 so act now.

Are there any other benefits?

As a Climate Techies members, you’ll have access to:

1. Member-Only Events & Networking: 2-4+ online and in-person networking events per month
2. Premium Listing in our Public Climate Solution (and/or Climate Techies) Database (depending on member type)
3. Access to our exclusive Slack & Whatsapp community and Member-Only channels (4k+ members – we will soon need to start removing non-paying members)
4. Random member shoutouts to 11k+ subs in ALL future non-automated emails
5. Unlimited access to our various databases & resources (climate VC database, climate solutions database etc…
6. Occasional intros to relevant startups or potential partners or LPs
7. Access to our climate deal share monthly emails for VCs & corporates
8. Early access and opportunities with 4WARD.VC and our community members
9. Access to our world-class network plus monthly member-only Mentor Office Hours.

Plus any additional features, benefits, content or resources that we continually add to the membership over time

Is this considered an official endorsement from our/my company?


Why do I need to pay?

Building and running one of the largest climate tech communities globally has a TON of costs and effort associated. Do you give your product and 100s of hours away free to your all of clients?

We need 4WARD.VC to be sustainable if we’re going to help drive sustainable change and action for all.

Plus, if membership isn’t worth at least 10x with all the resources, partnerships, JVs, networking, events etc…, you’re not leveraging our community & platform very effectively. It’s time to get to work hustling and making things happen through collaboration!

And that’s what we’re here to help foster!

How does the 30-day Money Back Guarantee work?

If you’re not happy, we’ll refund you, no questions asked (other than about how best we can improve the community, program, events and value of course 🙂

That said, our goal is to deliver 10-100x the value through powering partnerships, networking, sales, investment, hiring etc.

So to be honest, if it’s not “worth” $10/mo, you’d really have to be trying hard to not leverage and take advance of our massive ecosystem, community, platform and resources…

Do you have a special program/pricing for Teams and Corporates?

Of course we do!

If you’re interested in using your corporate employee/career development, biz dev and events budget on something with a MUCH higher impact and ROI than traditional overpriced seminars or corporate innovation gurus, overcrowded conferences or outdated or boring online courses, send an email to today for more info on our Climate Techies Corporate Program and get your team onboarded into the most active and networked global community for climate professionals.

Send Gina an email for more info the special deal we have for teams and additional perks we’ve offer and unlock for your organization – all for 10-100x cheaper than some silly Big 4 Consultant or shipping your team to the latest XYZ conference.

Can I expense the Membership to my company or corporate?

Sure, why not? We’ll send you an invoice to share with the finance team and certainly think our $10/mo or $100/yr at least 10-100x’s the value of other career and business development opportunities and training you’d otherwise be expensing…

If you have any questions, need any help or want to get your team or company onboard with a Corporate or Team License for our community, events and resources, please email for more details.