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What is 4WARD.VC?

We’re building the ultimate climate tech ecosystem – because when you’ve got a dream, it takes a team – and with fighting climate change, we’re all on Team Planet together.

That is the core of what we believe and how we move the world forward!

EVERYTHING that we do is centered around removing friction and increasing collaboration to decarbonize industry and our world faster. Because we’re running out of time!

To accelerate the world, we’re bringing together ALL of the top players in an ecosystem of innovation and urgency to let corporates hit their sustainability/ESG goals, consultants help their clients hit net zero targets, governments promote their region’s energy initiatives and climate tech companies scale their cash-strapped strapped startups.

Ie… climate karma: helping all players push forward and hit their goals.

Because EVERYONE wins when EVERYONE’s winning – that’s our philosophy.

Which all trickles back to 4WARD.VC and our “Partner in Clime” Accelerator

About Our Accelerator

4WARD.VC’s Partner in Clime Climate Accelerator is a disruptive 12 week program where we work ultra hands-on with 1-2 elite climate startups per month on major business development, traction and growth.

By leveraging our world-class climate tech & corporate network plus that of our 210+ mentors (at places like Porsche, Lufthansa, Johnson Matthey, Jetblue, DOE, Hitachi etc…) in systematic way (which we call “networked growth hacking”), we help help companies prove out their technology/product, land 2-5+ major pilots/customers and decarbonize industry at scale

If you’re interested in more than just cash and looking for a true Partner in Clime to help grow your climate impact and ambitions, apply now.

About Our Ecosystem

We connect ALL of the dots to speed the adoption of critical climate solutions and help EVERYONE hit their goals while simultaneously decarbonizing our world.

So, review our various networks and initiatives and “Choose Your Own Adventure!”

For Startups

For Investors

For Folks Looking to Decarbonize and/or Promote Sustainable Innovation

NOTE: All are free, unofficial and no strings attached (just us sending relevant climate tech & sustainability solutions your way to help you achieve your net zero/SDG goals)

About Our Investor Syndicate

In addition to our “Partner in Clime” Climate Accelerator program, 4WARD.VC also has a climate investor syndicate to allow accredited investors to participate in the post-program investments in our portfolio companies. For more information and to see if you qualify, please visit: 4WARD.VC/syndicate

Why Choose 4WARD.VC?

We like to say to founders: “we won’t be the biggest check on the cap table, but we will bring the biggest heart, hustle and network.”

Because VC is no longer about just cash, it’s about value, hustle and TRULY helping portfolio companies succeed. And you can ask our founders: NO ONE does it better.

We aren’t just “founder-friendly”, we’ve built the world’s largest network of engaged, active climate investors, corporates and LPs through pure grit and outreach and continue to grind everyday for our companies with intros, media, partnerships, pilots and more.

“Of all the people I have worked with so far, Matt’s been the most active and helpful in terms of introductions.”

– Yehuda Borenstein, CEO of Climate Crop