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Welcome to our Climate Techies Member Community

Welcome to our Climate Techies Member Community

Recommended Ways to Get the Most out of the Community

  1. Bookmark the Member Portal to never lose a thing!
  2. Whitelist my email address so you never miss an update, email or resource share:
    1. Here’s a guide on how to do this.
  3. Watch the Onboarding Videos ASAP
  4. Join the Slack and Whatsapp groups, update your profile and post a friendly, informative post in the #intros channels about you, your company, how you can help the community and what you need/want help with (use our attached templates if you need inspiration):
    1. Add yourself to our Member-Only Slack channels using this Airtable form
    2. Don’t forget to join our sector-focused Whatsapp and Slack channels as well and post int there too

    Template Slack and Whatsapp Intro Posts to Use

  5. Join at least one of our Member-Only Sector-Focused Networking Session
    1. Use Coupon Code: MEMBERfreeACCESS
  6. Check out our Mentor Office Hours Directory to see if any of the mentors/topics would be valuable for you: Mentor Office Hours Directory
  7. Review our Sector-Focused Climate Solutions Database and/or Climate Investor Database and actively reach out to members in your space to discuss possible synergies or partnerships
  8. See if any of our special offers for Membes (with perks/credits totaling $230k+) would help you or save you money

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