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Fundraising Resources

Our 1000+ Climate VC Database – filterable by stage, sector, geography & check size to find your ideal investor

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Dilutive Funding for Climate Startups – what it sounds like 🙂

Airtable Fundraising CRM Template

Investor Update Templates

The Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show – pitch to our panel of leading climate VCs

4WARD.VC’s Partner in Clime Accelerator – because every climate startup needs a Partner in Clime!

Other Grants & Tax Credit Resources

Streamline’s AI Powered Climate Grant Tool

Special Deals & Offers for Climate Startups – all the tools and deals you need to grow your climate company

Climate Investor Resources

Networking Resources

Local Networking Resources:

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Industry Networking Resources:

Upcoming Events

Other Special Startup & Sustainability Offers & Resources

Web Setup & Hosting

Namecheap: The cheapest, easiest way to get a domain name for your site

Google Cloud: The #1 web services platform for building businesses that scale

SiteGround: The hosting services provider we trust for our domains (much better than Bluehost for quality, security and support)

Squarespace: The easiest hosted website builder to get your business up and running

WP Engine: The simplest way to set up a hosted WordPress site

Shopify: The fastest, easiest way to start your online store

Zapier: The superhuman no-code automation tool to build complex businesses and processes (how do you think we do so much here at 4WARD?

NordVPN: The safest, most private VPN for all your most sensitive data, especially on the go

AppSumo: The Groupon of great software tools to setup and grow your business.

Finance & Accounting

Financial Modeling & Climate Modeling Tools for Members Only

Brex: 15k points bonus for signing up with their banking services

FreshBooks: The simplest, most scalable system to manage your books, timekeeping and accounting (50% OFF for 4 months with link here)

Xero: Beautifully simple business accounting and bookkeeping for startups, investors and SMEs

Sage: Another great option for startups and SMEs to handle bookkeeping and accounting

Wise: The cheapest, easiest way to pay cross-border and convert currencies

Enduring Planet: Our Preferred Non-Dilutive Funding Provider for US companies (email Dimitry)

Recommended Fractional CFOs:

Magic 8 Group: The CFO partner to our accelerator companies for all things financial modeling, strategy, cash flow mgmt, bookkeeping and accounting etc…(email Casey and the team today)

Fincap Consulting: The one stop shop for Corporate Accounting, Financial Management, Risk Advisory solutions and other value added CFO support (email Arijit and the team today)

Sales & Marketing

Free Airtable Sales CRM Template 

Apollo: 80% OFF 1st year of their ultimate lead gen and cold outreach tool

Notion: The simplest CRM and doc system to manage all your sales team most important data and docs

Mailerlite: The fastest, cheapest, easiest way for startups to build email newsletters and marketing automation (and how we’re ALWAYS in your inbox and on your mind

RocketReach: The ultimate tool to find your customers and clients contact and email information

Hubspot: An awesome all-in-one CRM and marketing suite for everything from cold outreach sales to fundraising

Meet Alfred: The simplest tool to manage and automate your social media posting.

GrowTal: The best place to find and hire pre-vetted marketing experts fast. The simplest way to transcribe podcasts, videos and more.

LeadConnect: The ultimate Linkedin outreach and sales tool – 25% OFF with Discount Code: MATT25 The ultimate email outreach tool we love for networking and cold sales

Partnerstack: The best affiliate partnership system for affiliate marketing and promotional efforts

Legal & IP Resources and Templates for Members Only

Blechynden Legal: Our legal counsel for 4WARD.VC – who also helps startups and other investors

Vouch: Business insurance special-made for tech startups & SMEs (which you’ll need to raise funding and land major corporates)

The Climate Patent Collective: 10% off with the experienced patent folks we recommend for our portfolio companies if you use our name 🙂

Northwest Registered Agent: The cheapest, easiest way to get a registered agent and mailing address in any US state (required to incorporate business)

Grants & Tax Credit Resources & Consultants

Streamline: An AI-powered grant writing tool to increase your odds of success, save you time, and help you get back to more interesting work (email the team today or grab a time with Helena for a special offer)

Our Ultimate Guide to Non-Dilutive Startup Funding

Enduring Planet: Our Preferred Non-Dilutive Funding Provider for US companies (email Dimitry). (See this article for more details) – PLEASE tell them 4WARD.VC sent you

Recommended Grant Consultants:

DeepTechConsult: DTC & Barna Posta is our go-to source for EMEA grant strategy & application help for our portfolio (email Barna and the team today)

Climate Finance Solutions: If you’ve raised $3-5M in equity or grants and are looking to go even bigger with high success grant funding be sure to email Joel and the Climate Finance team today (our/your go to major climate grants) and tell them 4ward sent you 🙂

Hiring & HR Resources

Team Mgmt & HR Resources for Members Only

Carta: The industry leader for cap table mgmt and employee stock options (ESOPs)

Toptal: The best way to hire top vetted freelance talent fast

Climate People’s Climate Job Seeker Playbook

Recommended Climate Headhunters:

Ahead of the Curve Climate Tech Recruiting: Executive Search in ClimateTech, ESG, & Sustainability (Recruitment & Talent Acquisition) (email Silas today, he’s awesome and one of our mentors)

AirSwift: An incredible climate tech headhunter for North American companies and executive hires (email Caleb and the team today)

Above & Beyond Recruitment: Great recruiter for climate-focused product and software development roles (email Cherry and the team today)

Climate Job Resources

Climate Learning Resources

More great climate guides and resources from Work on Climate

Design & Branding

Yugen Agency: Ultimate UX/UI design team for scaling climate startups to boost product performance and brand/sales credibility – use our link for a 20% discount for 4WARD.VC community

Canva: The best online photo editor & graphic design templates for just about anything

Shutterstock: The top source for high-quality photography and imagery

Squarespace: The easiest way to have a beautifully hosted website for your business

Climate & LCA Modeling

Leadership & Team Management

Other Tools & Systems to Manage your Team & Ops:

  • Google Workspace: The easiest way to manage your entire team and business – 10% OFF Code: 7CRTDPY9FA64P73
  • Asana: The simplest project management system to run your startup and get things done.
  • Notion: The best system for building out your team’s processes and system documentation.
  • Coda: The evolution of docs for all your team’s data, reporting, processes and system needs
  • Fiverr: The easiest, fastest way to get tasks done – like pitch decks, explainer videos, logos and more
  • OpenPhone: The best way to get your team business phone numbers without using your personal accounts